5 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for your Business

Social media has become the significant tool to promote your business. There are various social media websites and most of them are essential for the promotion of your business. You can not work for 24 hours to keep your social media channels updated. This is the reason some talented developers came up with social media management tools. Using those tools you can have a single dashboard for all your social media accounts.

You must be using some of the tools already. Here we are introducing some of the tools that will help you to decrease your time on social media sites and update all your networks through one particular dashboard.


Hootsuite is a giant social media tool that you can use for adding more than 35 social media channels. You can analyze social media promotion, RSS feed synchronization, Update scheduling and a report management system is there for monitoring.

HootSuite is free for your personal use or you can use limited social media channels for free. However, there are a pro and enterprise solutions available.


Buffer is the best tool for scheduling your multi channel updates. It determines the right time for scheduling your tweets that increase your exposure. Some of the features of it are scheduling analytics, and Google Chrome extension for the post.

Buffer is available on iOS and Android mobile applications with multiple features. Pablo Image Creator is a tool through which you can create images for different channels.

Buffer is free for individual use, however, there is a pro version for businesses with a subscription.


Friends+Me is a tool that allows you to add your team to collaborate on making good content. It is a tool that works best on Google+. It has a desktop application and mobile app versions too. A bulk scheduling feature can help you to create content and upload it in bulk.

It provides Google Chrome extension, using that you can schedule your content for Google Plus and other social media platforms. It is free for individuals and pro versions are also available for your use.


TweetDeck is for twitter management. You can schedule your tweets, customize searches and set alerts. You can monitor your brand’s notifications and answer from the dashboard.

Some good features are that you can monitor users, influencers, hashtags, events, topics etc.

Social Mention

You just need to give a search term to the tool and it will provide you useful content in form of image, video and other content from blogs, microblogs. This makes easier for you to see your brand’s view and what is being said about. This will help you to manage your brand reputation.

There are more social media tools that you can use. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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