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Banking and Finance

Data and information are the lifeblood of the banking and finance sector. With rapid globalization, businesses in this industry are facing a whole host of new challenges and opportunities and searching for effective ways to cope with stringent regulations and increasing customer demands. The competitive ecosystem of the banking and finance sector requires well-thought-out decision making, where only the fastest and the smartest is able to survive the cutthroat competition.

Customers nowadays enjoy a variety of new service delivery mechanisms that banks and financial service providers offer by utilizing new advancements in IT and automation. Moreover, demanding and educated clients expect financial institutions to provide services extending beyond their borders, allowing them to leverage from offshore financing and investment options.

However, businesses are being forced to forgo the traditional methods of offering their services, and have to bring their operations up to speed with the latest trends and technological systems. The evolving competition and complexity demand financial service providers to implement top-notch IT and online solutions to seamlessly cater to their customers’ local and international financing needs. It has become essential to leverage from information technology in order for businesses to effectively participate in financial markets in diverse product categories.

How EPS Helps Banking and Finance Clients

At EPS, we have worked with many financial service providers and helped them cater to the needs of millions of customers by designing a reliable and future-ready mobile, software and web system. Serving the banking and finance industry for years, we have seen it evolve into what it is today and know what customers expect and work with you to offer exactly what they demand. Using cutting-edge technology and tried and tested techniques and frameworks, we optimize your service operations, allowing you to serve your clientele in an efficient and effective manner.

Our team of innovators and IT specialists craft solutions that enable your staff to manage the consumer’s data remotely from any place. Our mobility and cloud services allow your staff to break the barriers that confine them to work only through rigid workplace systems. Moreover, we facilitate convenient and intuitive ways of organizing and managing consumer data by integrating various big data frameworks and tools in your system. With a highly secured structure in place, you can provide your customers peace of mind when they opt for your services to make transactions and engage in other financing activities.

Services EPS Offers to Banking and Finance Clients

EPixel Software offers a breadth of IT and software solutions that help banking and financial service providers stay ahead of the curve in today’s highly competitive environment. Our solutions are fully customizable and include the following features:

  • Application Design and Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Product Designing and Development
  • Product Testing / QA
  • Legacy Migration Solutions
  • Mobility and Cloud Solutions
  • Product Customization and Localization
  • Application and Software Maintenance
  • Product Life-Cycle Extension
  • Web Development and Applications
  • Product Re-Engineering

Interested in what EPS has to offer for your bank or financial services? Get in touch with us today to discuss the needs of your banking and financial service. You can reach us at +1-845-377-0270 or You may also use our online contact form to get information about our services.

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