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Education and E-Learning

Education and learning are the most important resources of any country that lay the foundation for a better, brighter future. This industry focuses on fostering the intellectual development of people, which in turn leads to the economic growth and prosperity in all other sectors. Information technology has prevailed in every aspect of our world, and it is important for modern communities to construct a bridge that connects education with high-tech innovations.

In today’ date, students, regardless of their education level, cannot imagine carrying out their learning activities without laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Modern students prefer to use eBooks over textbooks, educational tools for learning instead of traditional techniques, and tap into online information reservoirs, such as Wikipedia, on the go. Teachers and mentors also leverage from e-learning and online resources, allowing them to learn better ways to deliver information to their students.

With deep penetration of technology in the education sector, it has become imperative for educational institutions to utilize what information technology has to offer and implement advanced gadgets into the learning and training processes.

How EPS Helps Education and E-Learning Clients

At EPS, we realize that whether it is self-learning or learning through an online instructor, e-learning has reduced barriers for acquiring and delivering education, benefiting both the mentor and the learner. We have provided innovative, flexible solutions to dot-com entrepreneurs, startups, big corporations, big and small universities, and even for-profit spin-off ventures. Knowing the specific needs of each one of them, our team is capable of crafting a balanced solution, allowing these education groups to leverage from our user-engaging and professional web, mobile, and software services.

Our team of IT experts and software engineers works to foster a collaborating learning environment, where we integrate sophisticated technologies and tools that allow the learners to conveniently interact with the trainer and their peers. We are known for our ability to create highly engaging and addictive mobile and web applications, and the education and e-learning industry is no exception for EPS. We help educators to utilize our interactive and engaging solutions, and take boredom and complexity out of the equation, enabling the learners to connect with the system and take maximum advantage of e-learning.

Services EPS Offers to Education and E-Learning Clients

EPS works with business training centers and educational institutions to create interactive and innovative educational IT and software solutions. Our team is capable of crafting customized software and applications for the education and e-learning industry clients that enable them to improve teaching, learning processes, and research efforts. Our IT and online solutions cover a wide range of features, including:

  • E-Learning Application and Software Maintenance
  • E-Learning Application Development
  • Interactive Educational Gaming Applications
  • Mobile Learning Applications
  • Mobility and Cloud Solutions
  • Remote Learning Websites
  • SCORM / AICC Compliant Content Management
  • Virtual Classroom Solutions
  • Web Development and Applications

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