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iOS App Development Solutions

iOS is a world renowned mobile operating system that has captured the hearts of millions of users across the globe with its cutting-edge features and exemplary performance. The tremendous demand for iOS-powered devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, not only provides a great opportunity for businesses to attract more customers, but also ensures great return on investment.

EPixel Software offers a variety of innovative iOS application development services, ranging from individual apps to integrated, enterprise-level applications. We understand that high functionality and finesse in user interface for seamless user experience are keys for great iOS apps that compel users to download and install an application on their iOS-powered devices. Having the experience of creating novel iOS solutions for companies of all sizes, our app development team has proved to be a formidable force of elite developers in the market.

What makes our iOS App Development Solutions Standout

Having prowess in the realm of iOS app development, our team of expert developers is capable of providing top-notch services that are geared towards to catering to clients’ specific needs. Utilizing the latest iOS SDK, we focus on creating apps that run smoothly on all Apple devices.

When you hire our dedicated team of iOS developers, we ensure that you get the following services from the very start:

  • A client-centric engagement
  • An expert development team that is multi-disciplinary and widens the scope of app development services we provide our clients
  • Compelling and context- driven applications
  • Expert consultation for creating strategic and befitting solutions
  • High-quality services and consistency throughout the tenure
  • Highlycompetitive pricing
  • Use of modern, proven methodologies

Our iOS Application Development Process

At EPixel Software, the iOS application development process entails:

  • Conception: Conjuring ideas based on your specifications and requirements. We believe that it is the uniqueness of an idea that allows an app to sail a long way. That is why novelty and innovation are core elements of our solutions.
  • Planning: Once we have an idea in place, we create a roadmap, laying out the steps and guidelines to make it a success.
  • UI/UX Design: This is the most crucial part of the app development process. Our expert app developers pay attention to minute details to come up with an intuitive UI/UX design for enhanced user engagement.
  • Code Development: Our developers work day and night to craft seamless codes for perfect mobile app functionality.
  • iOS App Testing: Before we hand the iOS app over to you, we scrutinize it through our stringent quality check process to ensure the final product doesn’t have any layout or technical glitches.
  • Launch: After app testing and finalizing, we prepare for the product launch where we upload your app on the Apple Store and transfer everything to you.
  • Support & Maintenance: We have dedicated team for providing support services to clients that cater all your queries and concerns in a timely manner.

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