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Real Estate

Marketing and advertising are the essential drivers of sales in the real estate industry, and with the advent of digital platforms and mobile devices, having an online presence has become extremely important.Because today’s customer is well-educated and wants accurate information conveniently and quickly, real estate businesses must tap into the capabilities and power of online marketing to cope with these ever-evolving needs and demand.

At EPS, we understand that while digital tools provide great new opportunities for real estate professionals, establishing and maintaining an online presence can be quite difficult. We are not your average online marketing agency offering mainstream solutions – we opt for a client-centric approach where we develop a complete understanding of your realty services before formulating a business plan. This enables us to come up with customized solutions that streamline your sales processes, enhance your marketing efforts, increase sale efficiency, and stretch your bottom line.

How we Help our Real Estate Clients

From conception and crafting an online strategy to project deployment and delivery, the EPS team works shoulder-by-shoulder with you throughout the process. We work to create better visibility for your real estate offerings, ensuring that you get maximum return on your investment, while keeping the related costs to a bare minimum at all times. With our cutting-edge online marketing solutions, we can help your business become more attractive to investors, homebuyers, and sellers.

In the real estate industry, the keys to sales and profitability are recognition and trust. With a focused online marketing approach, we make sure you achieve recognition among clients so that you are able to build trust through your services. Our team of web designers and marketing experts are a group of creative minds that put in passion and energy in each and every project to accomplish the desired results for your realty business.

Services EPixel Offers to Banking and Finance Clients

EPixel Software offers a breadth of IT and software solutions that help banking and financial service providers stay ahead of the curve in today’s highly competitive environment. Our solutions are fully customizable and include the following features:

  • Application Design and Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Product Designing and Development
  • Product Testing / QA
  • Legacy Migration Solutions
  • Mobility and Cloud Solutions
  • Product Customization and Localization
  • Application and Software Maintenance
  • Product Life-Cycle Extension
  • Web Development and Applications
  • Product Re-Engineering

Interested in what EPS has to offer for your bank or financial services? Get in touch with us today to discuss the needs of your banking and financial service. You can reach us at +1-845-377-0270 or You may also use our online contact form to get information about our services.

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