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Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is fast-pacedand dynamic, with an infinitepotential to grow. It generates billions of dollars worth of business internationally and is a source of providing employment to millions of professionals around the world. There are all sorts of reasons people travel to different places – business, leisure, visiting loved ones, medical tourism, and more. Nowadays, the travel and tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace, presenting a lot of opportunities for travel services providers.

Businesses operating within the industry are continually facing new challenges relating to operational excellence, business processes, IT integration, branding, and customer loyalty. Additionally, social media and other online platforms are giving rise to all kinds of tourism-related activities, which has increased the customer adoption of mobile devices even further. Dealing with the increasing consumer demand and improving quality of services requires striking the perfect balance between reward and risk, which can ultimately result in long-term competitiveness and better business opportunities.

How EPS Helps Travel and Tourism Clients

At EPS, we have extensive industry-specific experience of providing robust IT and online solutions to travel and tourism clients to enable them toeffectively develop, manage, and modify their business operations, thereby contributing to their profitability and bottom line.We have worked with all types of travel services providers, including travel agencies, airlines, airports, hotels, tour operators, car rental firms, cruise lines, and logistics companies.

Our team of expert software developers and IT specialists is dedicated to helping you overcome challenges, such as technology integration and business expansion, to innovate your travel services. We enable you to gain a competitive advantage through streamlined booking methods, web portal comprising of information your customers are looking for, and product and process re-engineering for lean and agile operations.

Automating navigation, data capture, inventory management, and several aspects of travel service operations, we enable you to cut down on the labor and overall energycosts in the travel and tourism industry. Moreover, your business enjoys the competitive advantage from effectively managing big data generated from online resources. With a complete web solution, you can gather meaningful data and enhance customer experience by providing access to information through multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

Services EPS Offers to Travel and Tourism Business Clients

At EPS, we offer fully customization solutions to travel and tourism clients based on their unique business requirements, which involves a few or all of the following:

  • Business Intelligence
  • CMS Applications
  • Data / DMS IntegrationApplications
  • Distribution Management
  • Hotel Booking Applications
  • Inventory Management
  • Legacy Migration/Porting
  • Mobile Application Development and Integration
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Web Development and Applications

Are you ready to make the big break using EPS’s technological solutions? Our software and IT solutions has enabled our clients to improve customer experience, enhance efficiency, and generation higher ROI and profits. Get in touch with us today to discuss the needs of your travel and tourism business. You can reach us at +1-845-377-0270 or You may also use our online contact form to get information about our services.

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