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Virtual Assistant

EPixel Software provides professional virtual assistant services. We have skilled staff members who can assist you in every aspect of your business, without any problems. We serve clients, including coaches, realtors, consultants, solo entrepreneurs, small business owners and other professionals who are in need of virtual assistants. We are available to serve you round the clock for any types of requirements. We will help you save money while you work with us, as we are able to eliminate most office paraphernalia, such as office equipment, office space, maintenance costs and can reduce the need for employing more staff for management and administration.

Why should you hire Epixel?

  • We provide virtual assistant services at affordable costs.
  • You can experience hassle-free virtual assistance services.
  • You can outsource either complex or small tasks that may otherwise consume your time and effort.
  • We help you complete your projects faster.
  • We help to scale your workforce at anytime.
  • Our assistants are highly skilled with excellent professional backgrounds.
  • You will experience no downtime by using our team of assistants.

If you are looking for dedicated virtual assistants who can understand your business needs in depth, and are able to serve you accordingly, then we take pride in being your choice of company in this industry.

Our other virtual assistant services include:

  • Customer support
  • Social media management
  • SEO
  • Internet marketing and more.

What types of virtual assistants do we provide?

Personal Assistant

At Epixel we provide personal assistant services to our clients from various domains. With our skilled professionals.

Marketing Assistant

Marketing a product is always a challenging task for a business, but by following the proper channels this can be made easier and you can also reach a vast target audience.

Salesforce Admin Support

Epixel gives top priority to improve your salesforce with one of our skilled salesforce support assistants. We integrate the advanced CRM system.

Real Estate Assistant

Epixel provides virtual real estate assistant services performed by our qualified and well-trained staff. By using our professional services

Internet Marketing Assistant

Internet serves to be the greatest source for anyone to surf for information. It also serves as the best resource to streamline your business.

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